2 reasons why you should wear wrist straps while gymming

You might have seen those guys lifting heavy weights at the gym usually tying a strap around their wrist. Well, a question must have triggered in your mind that what’s the real purpose of wearing those straps? Are they just for show purpose or does have any real benefits. Here, we’ll cover in detail about each and every aspect of the wrist strap.

What is a wrist strap?

To break it simply, it’s just a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the wrist while lifting a heavy weight or just lifting any amount of weight at the gym. People doing athletics also use wear straps.

How to tie a wrist strap?

There are many wrist straps in the market. Some are just a piece of cloth with varied length (usually 20 cms) and width around 3 cms. That you need to roll around tightly on your wrist.

Other are branded wrist straps with width around 6 cms that you just need to tie tightly to your wrist.


Coming straight to the point, when you lift heavy weight and do consistent repetitions your grip start to lose and you give up early before making an impact on the actual muscle that you are working for.

Like you are working on strengthening your back muscles, you need to do 15 repetitions but give up after 8 or 10 repetitions. The muscle you are focusing still has energy and is not fully fatigued by these much repetitions. You just gave up because of the losing grip. This could result in not getting a proper shape for that muscle.

To avoid this type of scenario and focus on the muscles that you are working for the day, wrist strap helps boosting your grip.

A usual wrist strap from Nivia will cost you around just Rs 150.

So, if you are a gym freak and works hard to get your body in shape, I do recommend you should buy wrist straps.

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